The Elevated Commons


Although I have friends living around the city, I hardly know any of my close neighbours. With this project, I would like to demonstrate how the elevated levels of Het Oude Noorden can enhance neighbourly interaction by transforming flat rooftops into common spaces. The elevated commons are flexible and temporary structures that are in a continuous change according to the needs of the neighbours. I designed a set of architectural elements that are multi-purpose and multi-interpretable that can accommodate this changing need.

Cherishing Privacy


A variety of objects enabling flexible privacy in an open-plan office.

The Adventurous City


A speculative design project that aims to open up urban spaces to encourage social interaction within future cities.

Public Space On A Good Day


3th of June 2018.   Sunday afternoon.   Mainly sunny, scattered clouds. 23 degrees.   Perfect time to go outside.

Gardens of Biblion


In a concrete jungle like the city centre of Rotterdam, greenery is a hard thing to find. Most of the city consists out of brick and concrete, trapping the water. This will eventually cause flooding int the future. We have to start thinking in a different way.

By adding greenery to the city centre, water is regulated in a more natural way. It will ensure better quality of the air and the life of plants and animals in the city. With this, the overall quality of life of its inhabitants will improve as well.