A display counter that encourages customers to come in and explore the rest of the store. 

A costume-made DJ Booth designed to showcase.

How to open without handles? A series of bedroom objects stimulating explorative interaction in day to day actions. 

A series of urban interventions that spark peoples’ imagination and invite them to explore their immediate surroundings. The urban interventions aim at connecting different parts of the neighbourhood ’Het Oude Noorden’ in Rotterdam by puncturing boundaries, while at the same time provoking the use of public in specific locations. 

Three objects that transformed the main event space of Het Gemaal op Zuid. The objects are designed to redefine the boundary of which spaces are publicly accessible and which are not. They host more storage space, which allows the main event space to be used more flexibly for a larger range of events. 

Modern replicas of the original shutters and doors of a French Romani wagon. 

Three people visit a peepshow. They pay, take a seat, and are met by their entertainer as the curtain slides up. But when the music starts and the show is set to begin the tables turn: the visitors start to dance and the entertainer gazes upon them. The voyeur becomes the entertainer, wanting nothing more than to feel seen and desired. Lost in this strange power dynamic they will do anything to feel seen: even pay.

Open-plan workspaces are on the rise. It is claimed that they encourage social interaction and communication, promising productivity throughout the workspace. However, the openness can also generate new problems emerge such as visual distraction, noise pollution and a lack of privacy. I designed a series of objects that enable flexible privacy in an open-plan office.

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