Gemaal op Zuid






Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatie

Het Gemaal op Zuid

Interior Design / Object Design



Het Gemaal op Zuid is an event- and common space for the Afrikaanderwijk neighbourhood in Rotterdam Zuid. It is located in the middle of the neighbourhood, next tot the market square and and serves as a meeting place for a lot of neighbours. 

For all the different types of events Het Gemaal op Zuid wanted to be able to use the building more flexibly and have more storage space for the different types of activities they host. Also they wanted to reaffirm the boundary between which part of the buildings are private and which are accessible to the public. To realise this I designed three different objects. 

they wanted to reaffirm the boundary between which parts of the buildings are private and which are accessible to the public

1. Room Divider 
The Room Divider separates the kitchen area from the main event space. Before, this was an open connection. Now, the divider ensures a more flexible barrier between the two spaces. The doors can be closed during a public event and open during a more private function. I created storage space on both sides of the Room Divider.
2. Bar

There used to be a rather small bar that was too little of a barrier. Therefore people felt free to roam behind the bar and in the kitchen. I wanted to create a large bar that indicates which spaces are public and which ones are private. The large bar also provided more space for storage, both below the counter and on top of the counter.

3. Staircase Conversion

By redesigning the Staircase Conversion in the same style as the bar and the room divider, I wanted to ensure a cohesive atmosphere within the main event space. I lengthened the top end of the Conversion to also create more storage space in the event room itself. I added a technical unit on wheels that could be wheeled around in the room and stored in the Staircase Conversion. 

For the countertops I choose the colour green that is also used outside on the doors and the windows to make a more natural connection between interior and the outside of the building.